Sunday, October 23, 2011

So heres the ever have those days where you open up the refridgerator and never have all the ingredients you need? Someone left a drop of jelly in the bottom of the jar ( not even enough to put on a cracker ) yet you have 2 jars of peanut butter one creamy and one crunchy for when you feel adventurous......... You have a lil' of this and a lil' of that ~ not enough to fill you up yet just enough to tease you.   Heres one of those recipes to fill you up on a cup of this a teaspoon of that.......................

 *** Citrus Dijon Roasted Chicken Over Tropical Fruit Salad Tossed in Peach Mimosa Vinagrette ***

(1) cup Citrus Dijon chicken ( Leftovers from the family demolishing a nice sized bird last night )
(1) cup diced fresh mango
(1) cup Clemintine orange segments
(2) eggs boiled / diced
(1) roma tomato diced (thanx whose ever garden they came from they were super sweet)
Fresh baby spinach leaves (rinsed / nothing worse than biting on grity dirt from not washing properly)

 *** Peach / Mimosa Vinagrette ***
(1/2) cup walnut oil
(1/2) cup white peach puree
(1/2) cup dry champagne ( yes you were wise enough not to drink the whole bottle last night )
(1/4) cup orange juice no pulp!!!!!
(2)  TBL. granulated sugar
S & P to taste

In a mixing bowl combine the white peach puree , orange juice, and sugar wisk untill sugar breaks down . Add champagne .......... since you have an open bottle you might as well go ahead and finish it off ( ignoring lasts nights fiesta ) Slowly wisk in oil to emulsify .  Add salt and pepper to taste

Hope everyone enjoys ............. until the next meal


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